Paper mills and the next 25 years

The best prognosticators do valuable work by imagining what paper mills and converting facilities will face in years to come. They help the pulp and paper industry look and plan ahead. They are the lifeguards, who know how to read the water. Their trained eyes know riptide conditions when they see them and recognize the precursors to a tsunami. Alas, there is no crystal ball, no divining rod and no Moses inside pulp and paper.

Instead, paper mills rely on the knowledge of current processes, emerging technologies and trending conditions to answer the big questions. Panther Systems has been answers to these questions and helping customers find their own answers.

What do you want to achieve?

Perhaps, it’s better said, “What should you make your priorities?” Maybe, you want to reduce your cost of making paper without demolishing old paper mills and starting over. Improving paper quality to acquire new business can be a tall order. But addressing the issue may be necessary for the future of your business.

How will you get there?

A plan may include a litany of to-do items, but high-level priorities and principles will drive your efforts. And after all, you need to keep making money.

You just can’t afford to do something — gotta do the right thing.

Paper mills and Panther must be more resourceful than ever

Panther Systems faces down similar challenges. We’ve been looking years down the road and asking ourselves the big questions. We’ve reached some conclusions, and we’re working a plan.

Being the industry’s manufacturing intelligence experts is a role our team take seriously. That means we need to remain in a position to do the most good for our customers. Panther provides powerful solutions like PantherQCS, MillTools and PantherHistorian with the knowledge that paper mills can’t afford missteps. Our customers have depended on us to help them be productive and profitable for 25 years, but we don’t take our success for granted.

The next 25 years will be nothing like the previous 25 years. Paper mills will need to be more resourceful than ever — and so will Panther.

Investing in the future of paper mills

Panther is moving swiftly to stay ahead of customers’ needs. We’re putting the pieces in place to help paper mills large and small to become masters over their manufacturing execution process, paper quality and paper machine control.

We’ve embarked on a series of ambitious initiatives to ensure that Panther remains in the best position possible to make real differences for paper mills during the next 25 years. Panther is leaving nothing to chance. We are leveraging new technologies to ensure the longevity of our solutions like MillTools and  PantherQCS.

Panther is also adopting new systems internally to foster innovation. We’re refining our engineering processes. Upgrading our communication and expanding training for team members and paper mills are significant parts of our plans. We’re investing millions of dollars of our own capital to guarantee superior customer experiences for our paper mills.

Money well spent.

Your next level

Panther will be able to provide solutions in more countries than ever before. We’re adding multilingual features to PantherQCS, MillTools and PantherHistorian. We’re developing new versions of applicatons to function on servers, computers and mobile devices on future operating systems without worry for security, compatibility and obsolescence.

This herculean effort a lot of hard work and long hours. It’s spendy, but we’re all in. We see these steps as essential to the continued success of Panther Systems and the paper mills. It’s our future and yours. It’s how we reach the next level.

We’ll update you on our progress from time to time.