Value-engineered solutions for pulp, paper, tissue and nonwoven manufacturing

Manage and report production with less effort, errors and paperwork.

Provide tools that make for highly effective operators and managers — from the moment you receive a customer PO until you send them your invoice. Improved production, detailed reporting, less errors and time better spent.

MillTools can ensure that only good product reaches the customer.

Identify and solve production quality problems FAST.

Capture data from sources such as continuous process variables, scanner quality profiles, discrete lab test data and events which occur at different times during production. ProcessAnalyzer retreives data from QCS, MES, DCS and other databases, then plots the it graphically on a contiguous timeline in 2D and 3D, so you can quickly identify cause and effect of production quality issues.

Upgrade your QCS without ignoring the rest of the mill’s needs.

It was time to upgrade your quality control system ten years ago, but QCS isn’t the mill’s only need. A new refiner and fixing the roof leak are still on your list.

PantherQCS offers paper mills exceptional paper quality measurement, low cost of ownership and long life without breaking the bank.

Our Professional Services engineers and technicians handle installations, maintenance and repairs

Our most indispensable solution. Panther Professional Services technicians are insurance, that your systems turn in a profit-making performance every month.

They are in our customers’ mills and plants, performing maintenance and making repairs. They find and prevent problems, many times, BEFORE they happen. Our technicians become an extension of your own team — people who always come through and care about the mill’s operation and bottom line.

Panther’s solutions work hard where you need them


Tools for EVERYONE from schedulers, machine tenders and backtenders to finishers, fork truck operators and shipping personnel


Use off-the-shelf Windows machines and devices


Personalized dashboards and email notifications for managers


Easy-to-use interfaces designed for every user’s tasks


Monitor quality and production remotely, securely and just about EVERYWHERE

MillTools MES 2.0 leverages your own configuration, user rights and customer profiles to match mill process and business rules on computers and mobile smart devices, wherever your people need to be productive and make intelligent decisions. The most customer-configurable MES for pulp, paper and nonwoven manufacturers.

PantherQCS is a game-changer for mills and plants striving to improve product quality, reduce waste and optimize uptime. Reset the end-of-life clock on legacy scanners and sensors. Improve paper machine control and quality one step at a time, while reducing maintenance and repair costs. We can show you how.

Support from real people 24/7

No, we’re not a conglomerate. We know our customers. They call, and we answer anytime day and night. Panther’s Help Desk team works side-by-side with our engineers at our offices in Vancouver, Washington. Our teams and field technicians go to the problem, whenever Panther Systems is needed onsite 24/7. Our customers’ emergencies become our own until they are solved.

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